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    cheers to monday

    Cheers to Tuesday

    Good Morning! Happy Tuesday to you and remember no matter the day, each morning is a fresh start. It’s a fresh start to start over, choose happiness, and work on your dreams!

    Today I am going to share a few of my favorite finds on the world wide web from the past few weeks to brighten your day!

    Lecco-Italy Travel fever is in full force after reading this article and seeing all of these beautiful mountain towns. I mean, c’mon! There is something so stunning and peaceful about  a mountain town. I absolutely can’t wait to check some of these out. What’s your favorite mountain town? // image borrowed from here


    I am a huge book and movie nerd. So when you combine the two, I couldn’t be happier. This year there are so many different book-to-film adaptations in the works and I could not be more excited about them. I have had my eye on the film, Sully, based on the autobiography Highest Duty. Let’s just say, I am counting down the days until it comes out! But there are so many good ones this year and you can read about all of the book-to-film adaptations here // image borrowed from here


    I wanted to leave you with a little encouragement on this Tuesday! We so often are quick to point out that bad or judge but how about we point out the good, the beautiful? Let’s be each others cheerleaders! How does that sound? // image borrowed from here

    Thank you so much for stopping by Life + Be! How’s your Tuesday looking? I am finishing up some last minute projects before heading on a little adventure. I am off to Chicago bright and early tomorrow morning and could not be more excited about it! Follow along on my adventures here on instagram and don’t worry I am sure I will blog about it soon!

    Have one heck of a day, love!

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