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    Campbell’s Greenhouse

    If you know anything about me then you know that I love flowers (+ coffee) more than just about anything. There is something so beautiful about them, especially because they’re unrepeatable.

    It’s quite fitting for anyone who knows, my life mantra is bloom where you’re planted. Cheesy of course, but wildly true. There are different seasons of life for different reasons and in order to grow we have to practice and continue to pick ourselves back up time and time again. It’s hard. Trust me I know! But I have really been trying to be confident that wherever I am right now, it is exactly where I am supposed to be.  We might as well should make the best of it, right?

    Okay life talks over but continuing on with my Charlotte’s favorite series (read about Atherton Market here), one of my favorite places to stop in is Campbell’s Greenhouse. I don’t care if you like plants or not, I promise you it is breath of fresh air. They do an amazing job keeping it beautiful and have wild selection; from the tiniest succulents to beautiful house plants. Also, they have one of the friendliest staff in Charlotte. The epitome of southern hospitality, plus they will answer any question you have about any of the plants. I don’t know about y’all but I’m a wannabe plant mom. I dream of having  a home full of greens but the reality is I have killed just about every plant i’ve ever bought. But when I left Campbell’s a few weeks ago, they wrote down exactly how much sunlight and water my little plant needed. Praise Hands for that!

    L O O K

    Ok, now for this dress! With the warm weather right around the corner I have been itching to pull out my dresses and have been crushing on quite a few. Well when I saw this one online, I knew I needed to try it on. The older I get the more versatile I want the pieces I buy to be, especially when they have a pretty steep price tag. I mean Madewell, I love you but you are a pretty penny! This dress fit the mold and I’m positive it will be a staple this spring and summer. I am already planning on wearing it to a bridal lunch I have coming up!

    You can shop my look below as well as a few other spring dress I’m loving

    Thank you to the talented Jenny for taking these pictures!

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