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    Dreamiest Nashville House – My Experience using Airbnb

    A few weeks ago, I visited Nashville for the first time. I am pretty sure I could write a week’s worth of posts about this dreamy city. But I will narrow it down to two (for now). Today’s post is all about my experience with AirBnB and the beautiful little home I stayed in while visiting Nash.

    When I decided to tag a long on Pat’s trip to Nashville two days (YES, two days) before he was leaving and I started looking at hotels, they were freakin’ expensive. So AirBnB it was. I could not have been more excited with my choices. I decided to go with a cute little bungalow just south of the city center. It was about as dreamy as the pictures made it seem and it was honestly the most effortless experience. It was the perfect mix of old charm and luxury, as you can see in the pictures.

    Something I have been really praying over my life after reading the first part of Acts is the concept of  being ‘in awe.’ How often are we actually in awe by the little joys in life? My first morning in my Airbnb, I was actually in awe. The sunlight was shining in, I had just read my devotionals and goodness look at that view (view from master bedroom below). So just a major sidenote but this home is stunning!


    AirBnB, I adore you. If you haven’t heard me talk about Airbnb you can check out my posts here, here and here. My first AirBnB rodeo was back in 2015 and I was a little unsure of the situation. I mean you’re renting someones home or a room in their home. But each time has gotten better and better, and now I will gladly stay in an Airbnb over a hotel. Whoa, bold statement. Right?

    The best part about Airbnb are the options. They have so many different listings and options while renting. I have rented both a whole home or a private room. I will 100% always go for renting a whole home if possible, just so you have that space to yourself. It’s a lot homier than a hotel and honestly a lot more comfortable. One of my favorite things about my stays have been each city has a different vibe, just like the Airbnb. When we stayed in London, the house was quaint, chic yet so practical. Typical London, am I right? Then this little bungalow in Nashville was so charming, just like the city.

    Last note on Airbnb. They have the best customer service. I haven’t had many issues but working with each of the hosts has been wonderful and if I ever have any questions the host or Airbnb was in touch with me within 24 hours.

    Thank you so much for reading and stop back tomorrow for a little more on my adventures in Nashville!

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