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be kind, for everyone you know if fighting a hard battle // Ian Maclaren

It is December (woohoo!!!), like you did not already know this! The holidays are by far my favorite time of year. I absolutely love all of the decor, sweets, time with loved ones and advent but for so many people it is a time of hurt that just gets ignored. I am so guilty of not thinking about what someone is going through instead I have caught myself jumping to conclusions and making judgements that are not at all fair. I always think what a scrooge or how could you not be happy because it is Christmas time?  Guilty, guilty, guilty.

Last night I was volunteering at One7, which is an inner city ministry that helps refugees and other families in need. They have wonderful programs including an academy as well as an amazing soccer team. Every Thursday night is their worship night. As you get there everyone, and I mean everyone, who is old enough is playing soccer and they are amazing. Then dinner is served and we break up into smaller groups before finishing the night with worship. But it is so touching to see these refugee children sharing their stories and their hope. Some of them are orphans, some of them live 5 to a room and most of their parents speak very little english. But they are full of so much hope and joy!

So this December I encourage you to just care and exemplify joy for everyone around like the kids at One7. Be there for those of your loved ones or coworkers who are hurting, buy coffee for the person who is griping about work behind you or just listen to anyone and everyone! It is the simplest things that go a long way. Just throw that kindness all around like confetti!

Have the best weekend and so much love for every single one of you!

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    Kelly K
    December 7, 2015 at 8:14 am

    What a great way to spend an evening and how awesome of you to give back! Such a great message this time of year!

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    December 8, 2015 at 7:18 pm

    You’re so sweet! I love it! I hope you had a wonderful Tuesday!

    Lots of Love // Megan

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