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Today on this wonderful friday (TGIF), I am back for the second segment of my love series! This life series is all about loving; loving yourself, others and just loving life. It is so easy in this beautiful mess that we call life to get in a funk or zoom past the little things without even knowing it. This is why today is focused all about just being.

Just be who you are in the moment. This is something that I struggled with my whole life considering I am an extreme perfectionist and battled with low self esteem. However when I leaned to just be in the moment exactly who the lord created me to be my life changed for the best. I have always loved life but I have a new love for it and it’s all about the little things!

So today I have made a list for you of all the ways you can learn to just be! Be still, be yourself and be in the moment!

Be Grateful //

This one is huge! Having a positive mindset will go a long way and you can get there by showing gratitude. It is crazy how many people fly through life not thanking or showing how much they care for someone. Be thankful for every little thing, it is truly humbling and will mean the world that you took the time to show thanks

Volunteer //

Another key! I think especially as millennials it is so hard to make time in our busy schedules and the extra time we do have we want to spend just relaxing but spend that free hour volunteering at your local homeless shelter, animal shelter or through your local church. This has helped me take a step back and see the bigger pictures. The little things I stress about or the expectations society sets on us are too much, by volunteering you can really see it’s the little things. It’s all about hope! I help at a refugee ministry on Thursday nights and to see the positivity and joy these kids, who have been through some horrible battles, have is truly encouraging.

Take you Time //

Introvert or not we all need alone time! I know, I know you don’t have time for it but make it. Whether you wake up 30 minutes earlier to read or listen to a new podcast or music or after work go for a walk or stop at a coffee shop and read your favorite magazine. Take the time to do whatever it is that makes you happy because you need it and this will not only help you recharge but also truly find who you are. You are going to learn very quick what sets your soul on fire!

Say NO //

This goes along with #3 but this is something I had the hardest time doing. Learn to say no, in all areas of your life (social, personal, work)! By saying no you are not going to stretch yourself too thin. I used to think saying no was selfish or I was gonna miss out (#fomo) but you won’t. For every time you miss drinks with your friends there are 10 more times, I guarantee it!

Check out of SM (or your phone in general) //

Okay this is one I still work on but it’s so amazing the difference it can make! My biggest thing was checking my email. No matter the day I would get emails upon emails for work and trust me when I say it will take a toll on you. You no longer feel like you have the freedom of your weekend or that you can be there in the moment. So I no longer check my emails during the weekend unless I am actually working. But social media can take that toll on you as well. Take a weekend where you check out of instagram and snapchat. I promise you that you are not going to miss out on anything and in return you are going to have so much time for yourself and friends!

Highs for the Day //

My favorite part of my day is when I read my bible and journal. At the end of my journaling I write my highs for the day. Even on bad days there is always always always something to be thankful for and I can promise you that. I know a lot of people who create a gratitude or thankful list as well where you write everything that you are thankful for. It can be anything from your morning coffee to a sweet friend!

Do Something for Someone Else //

Compliment a stranger, bring a sick friend soup, send a card or surprise your friend with coffee. Why not and and life is way too short! By doing something as little (and cheap) as these you can truly take a step back from your life and worry about someone else!

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing //

Cheesy, yes but true yes! If that is just writing, write your little heart out, if that is art take a new art class, bake if you love that or maybe it’s reading, so READ! For me blogging seems to fill that creative gap that I was always longing to fill. I absolutely love it and it is so therapeutic! So take the time to figure what it is for you. If you don’t know try a few different things to see what sets your soul on fires (#cheeseball sorry not sorry)!

Thank you so much for stopping by Love + Be and I hope this weekend you will try to just be, take joy in the little things and just love on the people in your life this weekend!

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    The Leach Life
    February 12, 2016 at 5:28 pm

    Such an inspirational post! Love your blog design!

    LEACH |

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      February 16, 2016 at 11:07 pm


      You just made my day and thank you so much!! Happy Tuesday!

      Lots of Love // Megan

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    February 13, 2016 at 10:51 pm

    You are a peach! Love the love series! keep it all up!

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      February 16, 2016 at 11:08 pm


      No you are a peach! Thank you so much pretty lady and I hope you have a great day!

      Lots of Love // Megan

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