5 Airsoft Guns You Will Need

5 of the very awesome guns we can find to make you wish to airsoft.

#5 S.TA.R. X5 Rifle by: CSI

This Airsoft rifle is really futuristic looking!

The S.T.A.R. X5 Airsoft Rifles comes in two rail styles and two distinct colours (grey and white). Though it includes a futuristic appearing 200 round high capacity magazine, it takes MOST standard M4/M16 magazines. This really is a easy M4 platform airsoft rifle that’s very good for any player trying to obtain a different design M4!

#4 FPG by: KWA

Even the”FPG” or Pistol Gun has existed the airsoft market for just a little while, but regrettably it’s no more in production. If you are lucky you may have the ability to find one in flow on the airsoft field or via an airsoft trading board, and it’s definitely worth another look if you have a opportunity.

Why is this gun unique is its ability to fold down to roughly the size of a typical dump pouch. After the gun is brushed, with one media on the charging manage it reverted into a full size SMG, already cocked, loaded and ready to fire.

The KWA FPG is green gasoline worked and includes a single 49 round magazine.

This SMG also comes in 3 different colour choices (Black, White, Pink)

F you need an intriguing looking and trendy working SMG check from the FPG from KWA!

#3 AR57 by: Echo 1

That is exactly what occurs when gun designers get overly tired. You receive some”production” that’s fit to get an airsoft field. The AR57 from Echo 1 is the ideal illustration of this. This layout is really based off the actual steel version AR57.

The actual version of the rifle was made as a means to really have an M4/M16 body style rifle choose a NATO 5.7 Round rather than the conventional 5.62 round. Why you may ask because we could! The airsoft version does not have any special skills besides being a very intriguing looking rifle.

Since the P90 magazines because of this gun are fed via a cutout at the upper rail segment, your current M4 mag-well won’t be in use. There is nothing funnier than your competitor believing you’re in the center of a mag shift since you don’t have a M4 magazine !

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Alternately you may place a M4 magazine at the mag-well along with the gun will hold it in position like your normal M4 rifles.

In case the P90 Magazines just are not for you, however you still need this gun, you are in luck! You could even locate an AR57 to M4 adaption kit, which means that your AR57 will nourish regular M4 magazines throughout the side.

The AR57 may not be the most exciting appearing gun , but it sure is intriguing!

#2 Kriss Vector by: KWA

Here is another fantastic example of a theory gun which was subsequently applied into the airsoft world. The Kriss Vector began in the fantasies of gun makers and immediately was embraced from the airsoft community, as most fantastic guns are.

What makes the vector so intriguing as a gun version is that it was a brand new version of this gun not just to airsoft but into the entire world! The Kriss Vector just came out in 2006 compared to other versions such as the M4 platform or AK platform which has existed for several decades.

#1 Mini Gun by: Echo 1

The Echo 1 Mini Gun is certainly a sight to behold, and not something you find every weekend around the area. This is absolutely a specialization gun. 6 barrels which rotate shooting an unidentified crazy number of bbs each second. This item will get ANYTHING in its course!

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