The Advantages and Disadvantages

Online Shopping is basically the process of purchasing goods and services from online merchants over the World Wide Web. Unlike conventional retailing, online shopping enables customers to avoid the numerous disadvantages associated with offline shopping. A person simply needs to log on to the Web, find a site that sells the products he or she wishes to purchase, go through the site’s catalogue, choose the desired products, pay for them and then pick up the goods. The customer does not have to go through all the processes of browsing the market, walking around the shop floor, and finding a comfortable seat. All this can be easily done on the World Wide Web.

Online Shopping

Customer service and satisfaction are usually one of the best features of online shopping sites. For example, if a product does not arrive at the advertised time or does not come in the same size as expected, the client can immediately call up the store, file a complaint, and ask the store management to rectify the situation. However, a customer who buys from an online store has no such option. The customer should contact the online retailer if the problem persists. Online retailers are always willing to solve problems of their clients. In fact, it is common for customers to complain about problems they encountered while shopping online.

Shopping is definitely more convenient than traditional shopping and offers more convenience. A client, however, should always bear in mind that online shopping also has its own disadvantages. This applies to both the retailer and the customer. Retailers should always look into the online stores’ quality and ensure that they deliver quality products. Similarly, the customer needs to know the limitations of online shopping and the extent of the risks involved. The latter includes but is not limited to identity theft and fraud.